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2014 Infinity Spring Challenge - Joint Ops (Sunday now FULL!)

This Challenge Series event is made up of two separate one day tournaments.



As of Feb 14th Sunday is full and Saturday has three spaces remaining. There will be a reserve list for Sunday in case any tickets haven't been paid for by March 1st.


Saturday Daytime - Joint Ops Tournament

Aimed towards helping newer players, Saturday's tournament will use the new Joint Ops format with newer players being teamed up with more experienced players to play in pairs.

Each player will have a 200pt force so each side will be 400ot.

Each player will be allowed two lists but they must be from the same vanilla faction or Sectorial.


Saturday Evening - Fun Stuff

Open gaming including board games, Infinihulk etc.


Sunday - 300pt 'Classic' Tournament

This will be a standard 300pt ITS tournament with the usual two lists from the same vanilla faction or Sectorial.


Download Links

Terrain House Rules



Saturday 22 March 2014, 9:30am through to about 10pm.

Sunday 23 March 2013, 9:30am through to about 5:30pm.



Tickets are available at a cost of £15 for one day or £25 for both days.




The Exeter District Scouts' HQ in Marsh Barton, Exeter, Devon. The venue has free WIFI and a fully-fitted kitchen including free tea and coffee and is on the southern edge of Exeter, about ten minutes from the end of the M5.

Directions & map



I'm offering free floor space for around ten people on a first-come-first-served basis, in Dawlish which is a 20 minute drive from the venue. There will also be some floor space available in Newton Abbot, also about 20 minutes away.



Apart from free tea and coffee, no food or drink is included in the ticket. There is a McDonalds drive-thru and a Costa about 300m up the road, a big Sainsbury nearby (5m drive, 10-15m walk) and we usually make a joint pizza order for lunches each day and for Saturday evening dinner. You're also welcome to bring along packed lunches and use the kitchen to heat up food.


Attendees - Saturday (updated 24th Feb, two spaces left)

  1. Peter/Phlyk
  2. Stuart/Fathi Amirmoez
  3. Nat/Lord Nat
  4. Richard/REND (JSA)*
  5. Dom/Domo*
  6. Harry/Arge
  7. Mike/myk
  8. Rob/bobman
  9. John/John Benford
  10. Killian/Deep-Green-X
  11. Alex/Luddite
  12. Michael/Murderous Monkey
  13. ???/Calamari
  14. ???/Calamari's friend
  15. Robin/i0003
  16. Matt B/Drastic
  17. Matt R/KazakMatt*
  18. Paul/Brookie14*
  19. Andrew/Nicho
  20. Lee/Leezilla26
  21. Gordon/Kharyun
  22. Phillip/Ernest_The_Yak
  23. James/Flashman
  24. MarcoSkoll*
  25. Fin/Findas0
  26. Hugo/DoubleAitch


Attendees - Sunday (updated 14th Feb, FULL!)


  1. Peter/Phlyk
  2. Stuart/Fathi Amirmoez
  3. Nat/Lord Nat
  4. Lee/LeemanRuss
  5. Clive/librerian_samae*
  6. Richard/REND (JSA)*
  7. Dom/Domo*
  8. Adam/AdaptUK0
  9. Darren/Wintermute
  10. Harry/Arge
  11. Mike/myk
  12. Rob/bobman
  13. John/John Benford
  14. Killian/Deep-Green-X
  15. Alex/Luddite
  16. ???/Calamari
  17. ???/Calamari's friend
  18. Robin/i0003
  19. Matt B/Drastic
  20. Matt R/KazakMatt*
  21. Paul/Brookie14*
  22. Andrew/Nicho
  23. Ryan/Isenblad
  24. Simon/turtlely_awesome*
  25. Lee/Leezilla26
  26. Gordon/Kharyun
  27. Phillip/Ernest_The_Yak
  28. James/Flashman
  29. David/MarcoSkoll*
  30. Fin/Findas0




Prize Pool

With many thanks to Micro Art StudioCorvus Belli and Antenociti's Workshop for prize support.



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